Arlington Baptist School

Arlington PARENTS

Medication Policy

Maryland state law requires that any medication that a student takes at school be administered by the school nurse, a trained medication technician, or the student’s custodial parent or legal guardian. Thus, in order for us to comply with the state law, any medication administered here at school, whether prescription or over the counter (including cough drops), must be administered by our Licensed Medication Technician, or the parent/guardian may come in and administer it.

The parent, not the student, will need to bring the medication to the school office. Each medication must be labeled with the student’s name and grade and must be accompanied by a Physician’s Medication Order Form (PMOF), which has been completely filled out and signed by the doctor and the parent. These forms are available from the school office and on our website.

A completed form must be on file for EACH medication your child may need to take during school hours, and NO MEDICATION WILL BE ADMINISTERED WITHOUT A SIGNED FORM. You may want to supply Tylenol for fever, pain, or headache; allergy medication; and/or Pepto Bismol for upset stomach, etc. Please try to anticipate your child’s needs and be prepared, as NO MEDICATION MAY BE CARRIED ON THE CHILD’S PERSON or in his/her LUNCH BOX, PURSE, BOOK BAG, LOCKER, ETC.

Not adhering to this policy may result in disciplinary action. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for additional information. Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.